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Dog collar: the REAL Biothane and other materials

The name Biothane is being used right and wrong, put in all the sauces and often used to qualify items that are NOT in Biothane. This deserves some clarification.

The name Biothane is a trademark registered by an American company for a range of high quality coated straps widely used for the creation of equestrian and canine equipment. Biothane is made in the USA.
Victim of its success, the name Biothane is now misused as a common name to describe the strap of another brand, or unbranded. Although this error is often made by users, it is unfortunately also done by many online merchant sites that use the word Biothane to describe synthetic briardy which very often is NOT in Biothane and sometimes of very low quality! (eg reinforced PVC, Bio-plus, Bio-Natural, Bio Fluo, Bio Machin, Bio Truc, etc.).

BiothaneAt Top Gravures, we take care not to mislead our visitors.
The representatives of the brand Biothane that we met recently did not suspect this misuse of their brand name on French territory and were sorry. That is why we wanted to give some clarification. 


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