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 Guide and correspondences of halter sizes

 Please note that these values ​​are given for information only.


  • A workhorse : Height at the withers  sover 1,75m  Halter size:  X Full   

  •  Horse : Height at the withers  from 1,61 to 1,75m  Halter size: Full-Horse - Warmblut  

  •  Double Pony - Pony D - Little Horse: Height at the withers  from 1,46 to 1,60m   Halter size: Cob - Thoroughbred - Vollblut 

  •  Pony C and B: Height at the withers  from 1 to 1,45m  Halter size: Pony - Pony

  •  Shetlands: Height at the withers (in cm)   up to 1m   Halter size: Shetland   

size guide


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